Friday, October 9, 2015


Hi there. Hello. Come here often? No? First time? AWESOME!

Please keep all hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times.

My name is Giovanni. I am an Awesome Dad (I know what you are thinking... d’uh... kind of figured by the name of your website. I get it. I’m getting boring. Don’t close the page. I’m going somewhere with this. I promise!)

So. Again. I’m an Awesome Dad. I have one child. His name is Antonio. He is currently 6 years old or for those of you who still count your kid’s age in months, he is currently 77 months old! You’ll often read me referring to him as Toto (Italian nickname).

I’ve created this blog because I want to share my parenting vision with YOU, my now loyal reader (You’ve read this far, I consider you a loyal reader.). At first, I wanted my website to be all about dads but then, as I started thinking of blog topics, I kind of realized that it applies to all parents so I want this to be a community for all parents to get different viewpoints, hear different stories, laugh, cry (Kleenex not included unless they want to sponsor me) and have some HEALTHY debates (disrespect will NOT be tolerated).

Some of the topics that I will write about include discipline, coaching, parenting do’s and do not’s, day to day life, divorce, being a single parent and much more.  I will share stories about my past, my son, my viewpoint on parenting and more. You’ll also hear about those who inspire my Awesomeness and keep me level headed as a father and human being. Those people are my Queen Awesome Sabrina (aka my fiancée) and my ‘Extraordinary Council of Awesome Fathers’. The ECAF is a group of 3 other Awesome Dads I know that I turn to when I need advice. I highly recommend that every dad find their own Council. I’ll discuss this in a future blog.

DISCLAIMER: I am not the best parent in the world (unless you are talking to my son then I AM KING PAPA)! My viewpoints may not be the same as yours and that is OK. This website is not a cult. I don’t want you to drink the Kool-Aid. What I do with my son may not be the best for your child and that is OK. I am just here to share my opinion. That is all.

What’s that? What makes me an Awesome Dad you ask? Glad you asked!
Simple... I love my son. I give him my time, my support and most of all, my love.
I am his Soccer coach, I am involved in his school, I help with homework, I build robots, I bake cookies and much more. In a nutshell, I invest my time and my love into my son.  Again, I am not the best dad in the world. I am just an Awesome Dad.

So sit back, enjoy the ride and tell your friends.

Have a great day! Stay Awesome!


Giovanni aka Awesome Dad

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PS #3: Although I am more comfortable in English, I will post occasionally in French as well. If anyone wants to share their story or wants to be a contributor but in French, vous êtes plus que bienvenue à le faire!

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