Sunday, December 20, 2015

Interview with an Awesome Dad - Alexis Poitras

Name:                  Alexis Poitras
Twitter:                @AlexiMtl
Kids (age):           Tristan, 15 & Cédric, 10

What is the best part of being a father?
Having the chance to positively influence my kids’ lives as well as being able to instill my values and see them grow and develop into good people who will make positive contributions to our society.

What are the most important qualities you want to teach your children? Why?
Respect because, in my opinion, everything starts from there. Respect for others is important but, more importantly, self-respect. If we respect ourselves and do things based on our beliefs and values, we feel good about ourselves. When we give respect to others, we receive respect in return.

Tolerance. In everything. To others who are not like us or have the same values as us but also to the different situations that happen to us in life.

Helping each other. Not just to our family but to others as well. I believe that it’s important to help people regardless of the difficulties they may have. Whether the help is moral, physical or psychological, I truly believe that it is our duty to help others when we have a chance.

What is your best quality as a dad (What makes you an Awesome Dad)? What do you want to work on?

That’s tough to say. I think that my best qualities are that I am present and I show my sons a lot of love.

I am an Awesome Dad because when I am with them, I do my best to organize activities that they love or that I think they’ll love!

I need to work on my patience. I am not the most patient person but I’m better than I was 15 years ago!

Favorite activity with your children?
Cooking! The boys love giving me a hand in the kitchen!  I truly enjoy giving them tricks and sharing my secrets that I’ve learned over the years.  We also love watching movies and going skiing in the winter time.

Best moment as a dad?
It might be a little cliché but the best moments happen every day as I see my beautiful young men grow and develop in front of me. It gives me a lot of pride and happiness!

If you could give ONE piece of advice to someone who is about to become a father, what would it be?
Be present. Get involved as much as possible. The rest will come naturally.

Do you have any fatherhood role models? Who and why?
My father inspires me a lot. As much for the good stuff that he did as the stuff that I didn’t like as much. I think that, generation after generation, we have to continue to get better! I am also inspired by my brother. Even though he had his kids after me, I admire the father he has become.

What is your biggest fear as a father?
My sons live with their mother and I have them every other weekend. They live in Blainville and I’m in Laval. Their friends, their school and a good chunk of their life is closer to where they live most of the time. My fear is that, one day, they won’t want to come over any more.

Fast forward 20 years. What would you want your child to say about you as a dad when they look back at their childhood?
I hope they’ll say that I was cool. I hope they’ll look at me as being a good dad and a great male role model for them.

Anything else you want to say? Funny story? A Dad quote?
I had my oldest son in my arms and I had to bring him to daycare. He was just under 1 year old at the time. Going down the steps in front of my house, I tripped (no idea how) and I fell. Wanting to protect my son, I turned on my side and my left shoulder took the hit. I saved my son. My shoulder... not so much!

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